Friday, 7 January 2011

no more from me

no more from me on this blog - i've been getting some dodgy comments and spam!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Just a note to say ......................

Not quite sure what it is about this card, but I love it ! It's a thank-you to some very special people after we spent a wonderful day with them in their home !

same sketch - different take on each card.

changed it around a bit for each card !! can't rememebr where this sketch came from , as I didn't write the name down like I normally do (naughty!)

One stamp 2 different cards - love them both !

Another Snappy Offering

I love the way these cards open and move ! This one was for a good friend who likes to fish and turned 40 this year.

snappy card

I made this 'snappy' card for my Mum to give to my Niece on her 18th

Recent Cards

Have finally got around to editing my recent pictures and getting all my card photo's in one place !! Here are a few of my recent creations :)