Sunday, 17 August 2008

Circle Cards

Everyso often I get bored with doing conventional square / rectangular cards and have a little change, earlier this year I went through a circular phase!!

Louisa x

Diary page cards

I saw the idea of tearing pages from diaries in a magazine * adapted it to make several cards for 'girlfriends' that all had birthday's around the same time (they don't know each other!)they all were really pleased to get a personalised card that was just a bit diferent!

Louisa x

Altered Suitcases

These were for my friends nieces, we were all pleased with the way they turned out!!

Lousa x

Zig Zag cards

A friend bought me a scrapbook cards book when she came for dinner one night instead of flowers and chocs, and in it was a zigzag card which I just had to try! It became my DD's 5th birthday card and of course I made it very girly which she loved! I was so pleased with the result that I took it along to a card club that I go to monthly in the local church hall to show a couple of friends and ended up doing being roped into doing a demo in June (it all went very well and all the ladies went home with card!) they're actually easier than they look - lots of measuring!! Anyway here's the card that started it all!

'0' birthday's !!

There's been quite a few 0 birthdays this year (and still 2 more yet to come!) 2 of my step-sister's have turned 50, my step-dad was 70 and hubby was 40 (bless!) I won't bore you with all the cards just 2 that I really like.

40 was for my mum to give to my hubby, I hand cut the letters and was really pleased with the final result - love that chocolate glitter!!

The black n fushia card was for my sister, I card make at night & didn't realise until the next morning that I'd used the navy gingham ribbon not the black and I couldn't take it off at that point ( I did say a slightly naughty word!)

It's been a while!!

Took a long break from blogging - it started to take over my life and everything else started to suffer !! I've decided to start up again but to hopefully have a little more self control and will only post occasionally!

Life has been fairly busy dashing here & there with the kids and we're now totally chilled out and going into week 4 of the holidays - 3 weeks tomorrow & they're back to school. DS goes up to the junior site (gulp - no more waiting outside the classroom :-( ) and DD goes into Y1 and starts to bring homework home each friday !! On the 24th Sept I'm going to college to do an NVQ2 in Suport Teaching & Learning and will be at college on weds afernoons & doing 2 mornings a week with Y2's at our school - all very exciting but a little nervewracking too!! It's been 21 years since I last did any proper study I'm not sure how my brain is going to cope!!

Louisa x