Sunday, 17 August 2008

It's been a while!!

Took a long break from blogging - it started to take over my life and everything else started to suffer !! I've decided to start up again but to hopefully have a little more self control and will only post occasionally!

Life has been fairly busy dashing here & there with the kids and we're now totally chilled out and going into week 4 of the holidays - 3 weeks tomorrow & they're back to school. DS goes up to the junior site (gulp - no more waiting outside the classroom :-( ) and DD goes into Y1 and starts to bring homework home each friday !! On the 24th Sept I'm going to college to do an NVQ2 in Suport Teaching & Learning and will be at college on weds afernoons & doing 2 mornings a week with Y2's at our school - all very exciting but a little nervewracking too!! It's been 21 years since I last did any proper study I'm not sure how my brain is going to cope!!

Louisa x

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