Saturday, 28 July 2007

Lock & Keys ATC's

For a swop on zuzu's forum. My first ever swop with them I hope they're up to scratch!

My camera is on it's way out so the pictures don't really do them justice, I think they're lovely!

Katie's 'bit of fluff' !!!

A card I made for a very dear friend on my hen night there was a very hilarous conversation about a pair of shoes she bought with 'fluff' on the front & how she had to trim it. ( you really had to be there & be 3 sheets to the wind to appreciate the story!) but anyhow it gave me the idea for the card & she loved it!

Another Suitcase!!

Final one for the time being, I'm all suitcased out!

This one was quite hard to photograph as it has silver ribbon & letters on it. (DS insisted that silver was her favourite colour !)

Rachel's Card

Haven't been crafting much of late, before the school hols I was too busy & since the hols started I have been out during the daytime with the kids so houseworking in the evening!!??

Anway here's a card that I made for my longest (not oldest!) friend. It's bright & breezy & right up her street!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Blue & White Inchies

Well here they are, my first ever 'INCHIES' - boy are they fiddley, not sure that they'll be a forte of mine in the future but I'll definately have another go at some point!

They're for a swop on a forum, hope the recipients will be pleased.

Saturday, 14 July 2007


Well this evening I have been making 'inchies'!
I've already started once but didn't quite get the right look so I started again today & I'm pleased to say that I'm much happier this time round!
Will finish them tomorrow & then post a picture.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Altered Suitcases

I've had these small cardboard suitcases for a while now and knew I wanted to make them girly but was waiting for the right opportunity - then DS got invited to some 'girls' parties & I just knew they'd be perfect, far nicer (IMHO!) than barbies & bratz dolls.
I had loads of full doing them & then I filled them with tissue, notebook, scented gel pens and a pack of sweets ................. Ava has her's & loves it Jade gets her's next week & hopefully she'll be just as pleased!

Sis in Law's Birthday Card

I'm really happy with this card, it's the first time I've used stitching. I've wanted to for ages, but the machine was in the shed & I couldn't be bothered to get it out, but this card just really needed it! Unfortunately the machine kept dropping the stitches so I guess I need to sort out the tension, but it did the holes so I sat quietly last night & stitched through them by hand - very therepeutic! The flower is off of a favourite bracelet, I keep loosing bits off it & adding them to my stash when I find them! I hope she likes it too!

here's mine!

Thought that I should start a blog so that I can be like all my buddies and not fill up forums with pictures of my creations!
Life here is very hectic, it's the end of term so I've loads to do for/with my DS & DD starts school in September so I've been back & forth with her for 'settling' sessions too! I've also had loads of card's to make so I've been burning the candle at both ends recently & it's beginning to show!
Anyway DS had his Swimming Gala today, they're only 6 & some (including DS) have only been having lessons since Easter but they've done brilliantly - he got his 5m badge & certificate! To see them having such full was wonderful! He also got his report today which was fantastic & he's found out which class he's in from September (he's very happy!)
Anyway enough of this waffle, I'm off to try and upload a picture - wish me luck!