Thursday, 12 July 2007

here's mine!

Thought that I should start a blog so that I can be like all my buddies and not fill up forums with pictures of my creations!
Life here is very hectic, it's the end of term so I've loads to do for/with my DS & DD starts school in September so I've been back & forth with her for 'settling' sessions too! I've also had loads of card's to make so I've been burning the candle at both ends recently & it's beginning to show!
Anyway DS had his Swimming Gala today, they're only 6 & some (including DS) have only been having lessons since Easter but they've done brilliantly - he got his 5m badge & certificate! To see them having such full was wonderful! He also got his report today which was fantastic & he's found out which class he's in from September (he's very happy!)
Anyway enough of this waffle, I'm off to try and upload a picture - wish me luck!

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